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What is the best way to increase the Click Through Rate for a blog? How can i convince those visitors to clicks? Answered

I have had quite many visitors to my blog from all over the world, but my Click Through Rate was only very low. If only, i could increase my CRT, i would be quite happy. Is there a better way to convert those visits into clicks for my adsense unit? My Adsense positioning seemed fine. Take a look please and let me know if any suggestion for me. http://hairsurvival.blogspot.com . thanks.


Thanks people for your tips and guidance, i shall do my best to change the necessary things. Any more suggestion is welcomed.

Sorry to say, but, your blog isn't very inspiring. More like a visual blah, blah, blah.
Granted I clicked to look at it, but was not inspired to go further. If it's about hair, you need pictures of abundant, glorious, glossy, desirable hair. Just what the viewer is looking for.

Haven't looked -- I don't follow random URIs -- but I absolutely agree that the most critical thing in ANY website is content. Pretty helps, but you need to give folks a good reason for coming to the site, coming BACK to the site frequently, and feeling well-disposed toward the site so they'll consider looking at anything other than its own content.

Beyond that: Randomly-assigned ads really are mostly noise. What *might* get folks interested would be if (a) they trusted you and (b) you actually Actively Recommended some of those businesses (and explained why, so folks know you aren't just shilling in order to make a buck). But I don't know how you get credited for those referrals.

Don't forget that many people will be using a utility like AdBlock Plus which means they will not see the ads at all. I've just looked at your site with AdBlock on and off, and all I can say is . . . Thank you AdBlock #;¬)

(I'm not being disparaging about your site in particular - I just don't like being "advertised at" in general.)

Also very true. I use NoScript for both security an nuisance management purposes.

Helps if the ads are actually _relevant_ to what folks are coming there to read.

Beyond that: Click throughs are ALWAYS miniscule.

I came here to say just that and found you had said it before me.