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What is the best way to lose alot of weight in a short amout of time like 8 months? Can anyone help? Answered


 work more eat less (icluding the crap food too) 

 change diet work out every day for mybe an hour or 45 mins for eight months works that is if you dont want to spend a lot of money but i go to kung fu classes and they help i also run every day because i HAVE to stay in shape for air force ROTC


8 years ago

If you can manage it in your day to day life.......ride a bicycle.  That, with a change in diet, is a solid program. 
Not everybody can (or will) ride a bike but it is a sacrifice that will pay in many ways.


Loose the boyfriend.  That should be good for about 140-150 lbs. lost.

I've lost 25 pounds since Christmas by cutting out fast food and doing Wii Fit. I can only imagine that a real exercise program would be even more effective.

How much is "a lot"?

.  Eat right and exercise.

That's essentially what Weight Watchers is -- tools to help you understand what "eating right" actually means, and how much exercise makes a difference... and how to keep the weight off once you've gotten to where you're going.

But there isn't any magic. Try to lose too much weight too quickly and you will either hurt yourself or rebound or both. WW generally says that 2 pounds a week is a reasonable rate.

Note too that you want to start by figuring out what a REASONABLE weight is. Fashion models are not healthy. Ask your doctor what range is considered appropriate for your age, height, and build.


It's really the only way.  You have to stick with it, though.  Watch your caloric intake at every meal, by reducing portion sizes and cutting out fat and refined sugar.  Drink lots of water (and perhaps only water).

Make exercising a routine, by setting aside time for it every day.  Replace car trips by walking or cycling.  Park a mile away from work and walk the rest of the distance.  Replace watching TV with time spent frolicking outdoors. 

Good luck!  I lost 25 pounds by cycling to work during the summer.  I've been cycling every day since, even through the winter.  Now I have to work to keep the weight on!