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What is the best way to move a 170 lb. television off of a four foot high shelf it is sitting on? Answered

We have a big Sony Trinitron that is sitting above the fire place in a recessed area that is about four feet off of the floor.  The TV is 42" screen and is extremely front end heavy.  I know that we could always just push it off and let it crash, but we'd like to keep it if possible. 


These things hurt if they fall on your foot ! when i was about 5 i hid a key under one and tried lifting it to get it so i moved the cabinet it was hid under and knocked it on my foot by accident ! i had to be carried around for a week because i couldnt walk

I'd build a ramp with 4 , 8 foot 2x4's.  Secure the ramp so it won't slide, get 4 strong(or semi-strong) friends  to help slide the TV down the ramp without tumbling it over.   You only need 2-3 people to do the actual work but you also need some one to give advice from the sidelines.

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Two big guys to lift it out and down, get three or four people around it once it's low enough, by big I mean taller people, not necessarily tanks, since it's only 85lbs a piece.

If you have an office chair with wheels about, take the back of it and use it as a rolling stool, it'll easily take the weight...

Find a sturdy table or workbench and push it up against the wall under the shelf. With three people, one in front and one on each side, carefully scoot the TV off of the shelf and carefully lower it onto the table. The person in front will mostly just be steadying the TV so it doesn't tip forward.
From there, you have lots of options. If the table or bench you placed the TV onto has casters, you can roll it wherever you want it to be. If not, you can at least lower the TV onto a dolly more easily, or just put it on the floor.

Rent a hydralic cart.  It has wheels and mine has 400 lb capacity.  You can move the tv onto the cart and lower it safely.  I could do it by myself.


8 years ago

Brute force and a ramp.
Get a couple of healthy, strong individuals to slip the tv out of the recess and onto an inclined ramp and then control the slide to the floor. You can move it from there with a platform dolly or a two wheel dolly.

Do you remember how you got it up there in the first place?


Hire a couple of college kids to do it. ;-)