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What is the best way to repair a Jeep soft top with stitches coming undone? Answered

I have a '97 Jeep soft top. Some of the seams that see a lot of bending when I put the top down are beginning to come unstitched. This is an aftermarket Bestop OEM replacement. Are there any problems I need to avoid? Can I just use a strong needle and good thread to fix this before my top begins to flap in the wind?



9 years ago

When did you buy it? I would go directly to Bestop, not the dealer/store you got it from. perhaps if it wasn't too terribly long ago, you can contact Bestop and tell them how very disappointed you are in the quality of their craftsmanship and demand they either fix the problem or refund your money so you can buy elsewhere. If that doesn't work...try mighty putty?

You Could use Floss to stitch it. Just an idea.

Yes you can hand stitch it - but we had the same issue with my Landrover (see avatar) - my wife spent all day stitching one section, only for the other side to fail as we were putting the top back on. What does for the stitches isn't usually so much wear and tear as the action of the sun on the thread as far as we can tell on ours. Steve