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What is the best way to sew an embroidered patch onto the sleeve of a waterproof parka? Answered

Ihave a 3" round patchI want to sew onto the sleeve of my winter parka (an Alpha Ind. cold weather parka. It's nylon, with polyester fill, I think - certainly not down). I would like to keep the sleeve waterproof, so I'm wary of just sewing straight through the layers of fabric. Obviously cannot use the iron on this coat! Any help much appreciated! Coz.



Best Answer 8 years ago

You don't sew all the way thru. Just pierce the shell material and come right back out then down thru the patch into the shell material and right back out again. Small stitches maybe only 5-10 threads. That way you don't compress the insulation.

In addition to re-design's comment, I'd like to point out something that's been used in the camping realm for years, called Seam Ssealer. If you're really worried about the thread piercings, you could *carefully touch them up with a teeny bit of seam sealer. Can be purchased at any camping store.

Thanks for the great replies! Was unaware of Seam Sealer, so I might have to grab some of that. Cheers! C.

If you use fabric glue and you decide later that you don't like the patch you will leave the glue residue.

stick-on velcro - one half on the badge, the other half on your coat - I have successfully and easily removed the jacket-half of velcro quite well without marking.