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What is the best way to start learning electronics and circuitry? Answered

I am very interested in electronics, circuitry, and micro controllers, but I am unsure of the best way to start. Would anybody have any suggestions?

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Quercus austrinaBest Answer (author)2011-07-30

+1 to everyone so far.

I would like to add that you should try to find or subscribe to some Electronics magazines. Here in the US, try Nuts N Volts Magazine. There are others around the world like Elektor (UK?) and at least one from Australia. Look at the library. Web search for tutorials on the basics and progress from there.

Best of all would be to find a tutor or mentor that can pass on the accumulated knowledge of the years. I can't stress enough having someone to go to who can help. Years ago, we had a Lafayette Electronics store that changed into a Radio Shack. The guys there really helped with quite a few projects. I wouldn't expect anyone at today's Radio Shack to know anything other than Cell Phones and TV's.


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Thank you! I will look into the Nuts N Volts, and I will see if I can find a mentor of some sort to help me.

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aessam1 (author)2011-07-31

"its better to learn some basics first."
i agree with you in this point
Because when i started learning electronics ,i started with micro-controllers
And i thought that it can almost anything without any need of external circuits
But by the time i understood that i have to learn electronics first
i have some sites that may help in learning electronics



after you understand 555 and 4017 try this


after you understand the basics try searching for circuits sites
try to understand them
i suggest that you use simulation program
to understand things further
then buy a bread board and try to make some basic 555 circuits on it

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cessnao3 (author)aessam12011-07-31

Ok. Would you have any simulation program that you recommend?

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janw (author)2011-07-30

You could start with ready books like 'electronics for dummies' (or similar titles) Most of these books start with the explanation of the different kinds of parts and then continue with practical examples. Build them and try to understand these simple circuits before you continue to more elaborate stuff.

You can ofcourse buy an arduino(or a similar system). You will be able to start writing your first program 5minutes after you opened the box but in my humble opinion its better to learn some basics first. It will be easier to understand circuits from other people or to read datasheets and it will enable you to invent your own circuits.

You can always ask som questions here if you are stuck or if you need some information and there are a lot of people here who will be happy to help you and to point you in the right direction.

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cessnao3 (author)janw2011-07-30

Thank you for the advice!

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rickharris (author)2011-07-30

You need information - Look for some support material that includes practical experiments as well as theory.

"I hear, I forget - I see, I remember - I do I understand"

Lot of other questions covering this as Steve says - the search function works well.

Any specific questions come back.

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steveastrouk (author)2011-07-30

This question gets asked about once a week, can I suggest you go and search for the previous answers.


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