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What is the best way to wash clothes by hand? Answered

 I'm just curious about this; never washed clothes by hand before. Any suggestions?



Git you one of them warsh boards an find you a stream. Now mix a little potash with some lard and rub it into the clothes. rub them clothes together, and rub them on the warsh board, rinse and repeat as required.

Thanks for the laugh!


Answer 8 years ago

Strewth! Thank Gawd for my automatic!!

And the really funny thing is that it's how it used to be done.

Trick your roommate into doing yours with theirs!

Depends on how much/what type.

Some undergarments/delicates/swimsuits say 'hand wash only'- this is usually because the machine is too rough, or the chemicals are too harsh.

Fill a sink with water, add a LITTLE detergent (make sure its safe with your fabric), and dump the clothing in.  Gently rub the clothes/mix the water around, and let soak, lather rinse repeat.

Emphasis on the rinse...

Gently wring out the excess water, then hang or tumble dry (on low).