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What is the code to create a pause-able download manager in VB.NET? Answered

I want to create a vb.net application whose function is to download a very large file from the internet. The application must be coded in such a way that the download can be paused and the rest of the file can be downloaded at a later date. There will be only one URL of the file which is to be downloaded so there will be no need of placing a text box control on the application's form. i want the code or the source files of this type of application. Can any one provide it to me ? I will be really thankful to him/her who provides it to me. Contact email : soumyakantisar@outlook.com



You should visit here: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/35787/VB-NET-Background-File-Downloader

Take a look at the source code for any of the open source web downloaders, perhaps WGET from linux or something.