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What is the correct placement for elastics and ribbons on pointe shoes? Answered

My daughter has her first pair of (ballet) pointe shoes and I'm not sure where to sew the elastic and the ribbons on each shoe.  And as they're rather expensive, I really don't want to mess them up.  I've looked at various sites online but each has a different answer.  Can anyone pointe (sorry!) me in the right direction please?


I've made an Instructable about it: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-I-prepare-pointe-shoes/ . The ribbons should be sew in the spot where your daughter's foot arch is higher. Someone says that is where the heel of the shoe thouch the side when you fold it, but this way it will be the same for all dancers and that's not how it works for good.
The spot of elastics depends on how strong is the girl's feet. Given that I've not very strong ankles I prefer to put the elastics around the ankles, going from behind the heel forward. I use other two bands and you can find all the information in my tutorial.
Elastics and ribbons can't ruin a shoe, but can not be rught for the feet. One way to ruin the shoes is breaking them wrongly, but if they're good shoes, you can save them even in that case.
Which shoes your daughter chose? If are Sansha Recital or Premiere they can be saved. :)

It may be so obvious that you haven't thought of it... why not borrow a pair of your daughter's classmates' shoes to copy?

(Or take a picture of them to work from?)

Or ask the "teacher" or the person you bought the shoes from.

Come to think of it, why are the ribbons not already on the shoes? They're hideously expensive - you'd think they would finish them off...

Ive said this before so I dont know where it went. Ask the place where you bought the shoes or the ballet teacher is perhaps the most obvious.