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What is the difference between IR LED and LED? Answered


LED is short form of light emitting diode, infra red is a light that is not visible and normal led lights are visible!

There is no difference (only a qualification based on wavelength output).

An IR LED is simply an infrared wavelength output LED, an LED that produces a specific range of wavelengths in the infrared band. There are UV LEDS (very short wavelength), blue leds, green leds , yellow leds, orange leds, red leds, and infrared leds...


3 years ago

COLOR ! ! ! is the difference, Dongle Dude.

Before you were born the only color LightEmittingDiode was RED.

The next LED colors were deep red, InfraRed, orange, yellow and green.

Very learned physicists all said Blue LEDs were IMPOSSIBLE !!?!

And that same year an American company made the first BLUE LED.

Today you can even buy a 285nm ultraviolet LED that can give you skin cancer.

BUT there are No White LEDs.

White light is a Blue LED and a red and green phosphor coating giving you the mix of those three colors as what you call White.

X-Ray LEDs r a coming. Then you will be able to make a hand held Blaster...


3 years ago


IR, also called infrared, is a color of light.

An IR LED emits IR light. A green LED emits green light. A red LED emits red light. A blue LED emits blue light. An UV LED emits UV light. And so forth.

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Same for search functions ;)


3 years ago

Both are Light Emitting Diodes (hence, LED). LED is the generic name while IR (Infrared) LED is specifically an LED that emits Infrared light. Hope that answers you question.