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What is the difference between a frog or a toad??? Answered

I found a frog in my garden and I was wondering if it was a frog or a toad. Then I thought "how do you tell the difference"  




Toads are amphibian, Toads live parts of their lives under water as tadpoles. Frogs although they prefer moist areas of your garden they are born from eggs on land.

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A picture is worth a thousand words :-

This is the common toad - bufo bufo.

This is the European common frog - Rana temporaria.

and Kiteman has summed up the main differences.

In the UK we also have Natterjack toads which are much rarer and live mainly in sandy coastal areas.  They can be distinguished from common toads by a yellow stripe down their backs.

We also have marsh frogs, which are larger and noisier than common frogs but are only found in the south east of England, mainly in Essex. (No, that's not a joke.)

The Latin names are what the scientific community use to identify species.  They are a formal naming system which is used worldwide so a Gorilla gorilla gorilla (Western lowland gorilla) indicates the same animal whether it's in the Congo or Cleethorpes.  Common names such as 'warty toad' could mean a dozen different animals, depending on what is most common locally in different parts of the world.

Frogs tend to be more streamlined, and have significantly longer back legs.

Frogs spend more time in and around water.

Frog spawn is a mass of eggs, toad spawn is strings of eggs.

Frog legs taste of chicken.

Essentialy they are in fact the same thing, the diffences are between what are refered to as "true frogs" & true toads"
Frogs spend most of their time in the water, toads are ground dwellers. Frogs have moist smooth skin, toads have significantly dryer skin & can be quite warty.
Frog spawn is laid in clusters, toad spawn is in a chain form.
Frogs have longer legs & when on the ground they jump, toads have shorter more muscular legs & the walk on the ground rather than jumping.
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You said "I found a frog in my garden"...
Toads tend to have lumpy "warty" skin. They both tend to pee on your hand though.