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What is the easiest way to make a automotive bulb blink, similar to a strobe!? Answered

The bulb in question is a automotive 12 volt GE 904 wedge bulb.  Other bulbs could be used of course as this would be a simple mod.  And, yes, i know you can just buy car strobe kits, but I am trying to utilize what I have access to.  Our local scrap yard, which has several dozen cars in it allows free picking, so.... Anyone recommend what out of a car circuit I would need


An incandescent bulb is probably too slow to heat up/cool down to make a very fast strobe you would be better off with an LED.

To make it flash look up 555 timer.

A turn signal relay or hazard relay would provide the delay you are looking for and it is not a capacitor.

These relays are designed to be used with 12v incandescent bulbs. If you decide to try an LED instead of your 904 bulb, I can not be certain the relay would work as expected (it may turn on but not flash an LED).


6 years ago

An auto bulb into a strobe by mechanical means at the focal inversion point
meets your requirements.  Use any small DC motor like an air fan. . A


Good lateral thinking - I like it.

awesome, won't work for my application, but awesome


6 years ago

A turn signal flasher. It may be to slow.....?

Think I need to clarify this a bit more, not looking for a rapid strobe, more like a construction road flasher, that blinks every 1 to 2 seconds

yeah, after i posted the question I thought about the flasher, might try an led fed off a flasher, not sure of the current level delivered to regular 12 volt engineered car type leds, which i have a bunch of leftover from a project. May just try it, essentially a auto flasher is just a capacitor, and yeah the incandescent may not be fast enough