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What is the easiest way to remove DRM licenses from downloaded iTunes 9 music? Answered

I want to remove the DRM licenses from all my download iTunes music. What is the easiest (free) method of doing so? Thanks!

-Shadow Ops

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fwjs28Best Answer (author)2010-01-19

tsk,tsk..naughty naught

try going through Winamp and goto your preferences
goto Plug-ins>output>get plugins (unless you already have it)
and find Chun-Yu's Mp3 DirectSound Output v2.49 (version number shouldnt matter, but thats what i have)

and load in a playlist, and hit play..
it should play the song, and encode it into an Mp3 file output..im not sure if this would strip the DRM

another method i know works is to plug your sound in into your sound out, and play songs, and record the sound in. you need the right cable for this though, but making a kludge cable should be relatively easy.. 

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Arbitror (author)fwjs282010-01-19

I don't think connecting the IN to OUT audio will work properly... I think I've tried it before...

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