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What is the guide to install a new key to my laptop keyboard? Answered

Hi, can any body help me? The keyboard of my laptop is broken, is there any way to fix it? The is key can not work.


There are many articles about how to install keyboard, but I suggest you to buy a new one, it is much cheaper from feevoo.com, you can also find many other laptop accessories there

Is it just a keycap which has come off? If you're lucky and the little plastic lugs aren't broken you may be able to fix it by lining it up and giving it a hard push until it clicks into place again.


9 years ago

hrmmm, putting the key back on is rather hard...you would have better luck buying a replacement keyboard...what make and model is you laptop?

i think i would like to buy a replacement keyboard, but how can i install it by myself?

oh thats easy, you need to take out some screws and pop out the keyboard (you might have to take some of the case off) then carefully unhook any ribbon cables then do the reverse to install the new keyboard...you need to be a little bit more specific with what kind though...goto dell's website and search there for anything... ps, taking apart the laptop will most definelty void the warranty, be warned

first make sure that your laptop is within the warranty period. If it is not, you can fix it by yourself. You can search the information by google, here is one,a guide to replace individual keyboard keys: http://www.repair-laptop.com/?p=22

If you do not want to fix it by yourself, you can buy a new one on ebay or here: http://www.notesupplies.com/laptop-keyboards-c-1.html

as fwjs28 said, it is hard for you to fix it by yourself, if you have tools.