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What is the highest temperature the ink from sharpie markers should be heated to? Answered

I need to use some kind of ink for a project that will be heated to around 400 degrees F (~200C). I was wondering if it is safe to use sharpies at these temperatures. The pen won't be heated up. Just the ink. Some kind of technical sheet would be helpful but any info you have is nice too. And also if anyone has ideas about other easily accessible high heat resistant inks then that would be awesome.



Best Answer 8 years ago

You can find Industrial Sharpies, they look like regular ones but the writing on the side is red (As you can see in the link).  The ink is good to 500oF and more resistant to chemicals.  I like 'em because they write a little blacker.  I buy mine at my local office supply, they cost about the same as regular Sharpies.

Any time you have a question like this, it's a good idea to consult an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).  All manufacturers and employers have to provide stuff like that on request - it's the law.

Here's Sharpie's MSDS page.  Click on the type of marker you're going to use and it should give you some insight.


Yikes!  I just glanced over it and it says the ink boils at 207 degrees F.

I doubt that ink is going to be dangerous at 200oC, and you'll most likely find it doesn't disappear.
What inks would suit your purpose would depend upon what it is you're writing on - is it metal?