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What is the least destructive way to mount something that will hold about 100lbs? Answered

I'm building a bike mount in my dorm room. I found that with our top floor high slanting ceilings that I fit the bike above with out bumping my head into it, or having it get in the way at all. The tough part if mounting it to the ceiling while still be able to repair the holes when I move out. My bike is angry at me that I leave it out in the rain all the time!

Thanks for the help!


Maybe you could use some of these:

They are in most hardware stores and can hold 1-200 lbs.  Also they only leave a few holes that are a little bigger than a thumb tack hole.
(Check the package before you buy one, it says on there how much the hook can hold)

These are meant for hanging on a wall though.  But this could solve your bumping head problem.

I'm not entirely sure how you could hang a bike on one though.  Maybe some cable to loop around the tire?

I have a few of these holding up my green screen box (roughly 60 lbs) and have not had any trouble.
(Second picture on Step 4)

.  Would something like this carpenter's level clamp work? Maybe use two or more of them? The Velcro straps sound like a nice feature.
.  Not a recommendation for this particular product or vendor, just the first thing that turned up on Google.

You could put up 2  - 3/16" eye screws and hang 2 pulleys from that to hold your bike up.

Then when you get ready to move take them out and fill the hole with dap caulk or "wall hole filler stuff you get from the hardware store" and use touch up paint.  If it's anywhere close to a match no one will ever notice.

That's probably not the worse thing to happen in there anyway.

Drill two holes into something solid, but while you're doing it think about filling-in. You can get easy fillers, but how will you match the colour?
How about drilling the holes, filling them, then complaining that you've got holes in the ceiling from a previous occupant and you want it noted because you don't want to be charged for damage when you move out? Then use the holes and re-fill at the end