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What is the most common pallet in the United States? Answered

I'm working on a chair design that will be made of one pallet only and that can be build with as less requirements as possible (preferably reusing the pallet's nails). I'm almost finished with the design made of a 42 x 42 inch ISO pallet and the 40 x 48 inch pallet, because I heard these are used mostly thoughout the world. As I live in Europe I don't know if these pallets are accessible to 'ordinary people' in the US.

Are there any more common pallets in the US that are suitable for building this chair? 

If anyone is familiar with what pallets are used in third world countries (if any specific) that are suitable for building this chair?




Best Answer 8 years ago

My construction company used to accumulate a LOT of wooden pallets which we either re-used, gave away when we could or hauled off to a landfill.
For the most part, they were unbranded but I recall seeing a few with the brand 'NWP' stamped or painted on them. I presume that was the name of the manufacturer but it is entirely possible that is the brand of the company that originally ordered them. I just don't know for sure.
Almost anyone can set up a small operation building and selling pallets and I believe that is usually the case.
As for re-using the nails, don't count on  salvaging many. They are ring shank, thin gauge wire nails and very difficult to extract without tearing the head off the nail.

Thanks! I've googled 'NWP' and it means Northwest Pallet. They're one of the largest pallet suppliers of the US and they've got some standard sized pallets. I'll look into these further.

i would personally think from all the stuff that i see come into our shop that 40 x 48 is the most common

Well, you dissemble the pallet, and build the chair with the wood. What pallet it is doesn't matter too much as it's just the splintery-wood that you're using.


I've looked at the Wikipedia page carefully, but I found I could use some help concerning what is mostly available. Now I see that the pallets I choose are alright.


8 years ago

40X48 are pretty common as well as 42X42. With so many factories and buildings having items shipped to them there are a plethora of pallets just ready for the taking. I've seen some as big as 4' X 8' and some small as 24X36