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What is the most efficient way to wire 7, 3.4V, 700mA, Leds and 1, 230mA, 15W, GE Bulb to a 117V AC wall socket? Answered

k2 star leds ge helical 120vac 60 hz



9 years ago

CFL GE bulb gets wired straight to 117VAC.

The 7 LED bulbs are wired in series, so they will need an LED driver module capable of 117V input and at least (7 * 3.4V = ) 23.8V. A little higher spec margin, above 23.8V should be used just in case some of the LEDs have higher than the 3.4V average forward voltage, because it is really just an average. Also, this LED driver spec should be for the 700mA output, when it regulates for current controlled output of 700mA it will produce high enough voltage to flow through all the LEDs in series.

If you cannot find an AC-DC LED driver module capable of the voltage you want, capable of a little higher than 23.8V output, then you will need to use multiple parallel LED driver modules each powering as many LEDs in series as they can produce sufficient summed forward voltage of the LED series for at or below their peak rated output voltage.

I urge you to use caution building this, you have asked a pretty basic question which indicates your experience with electricity and electronics is not very good yet, meaning a first project of this type would be better (safer) if you were working with lower voltage than 117V, high current capability mains AC power.

Mistakes in design at 30V and below aren't too bad, but mistakes with mains AC voltage levels can be fatal or more likely to start fires. Engineers train for many years to make products safe, and even then they are UL tested to make sure.

leds : use a low voltage power supply (preferred) or connect all in series to 120 V with resistor-capacitor ballast of correct value ge smokeball : connect directly to 120 V