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What is the most interesting thing that you have ever Made? Answered

What is the most interesting thing that you have ever Made?


I built a PC in a cereal box once. Partly because im sad and have no life and partly because i thought it was cool. (see below). Either that or a flash drive in a converse all star (a miniature replica one) for my sister.

See the cereal mod

Well, in college we used to compete in the SAE MiniBaja. After college we wanted to build something on the same line but instead of 10HP we wanted 100HP. This beast is small cause we wanted to fit into the gates for all the trails in NH. This was built from ground up including the chassis, rollcage, drivetrain, steering, etc. This one has a YZF600 engine in it and cranks well over 90MPH. This was one of three built and hopefully more to come when I move to CA to try and compete in the Baja1000. Enjoy.


I think the most interesting thing is either the last thing I made or the next thing on my sketchpad.

Or maybe the stuff on my "I really ought to" list, which generally occurs to me in the car or at 3am.

An extremely offroadable Baja Bug from the ground up including motor and transaxel. It could go anywhere that even 4x4's couldnt. Ended up stuffing it completely thru a block wall, backwards at 60 mph. It was almost undestructable

Jays Baja Bug.jpg

100 wooden animal kits, followed the next year by 100 wooden doll kits for girl scout camp crafts.

My kids (with help of their mother)!

Great. That's the purpose of my "Volumetric Projector from Junk" instructable. My mother didn't help. That's why it's only pretty in the crappy sort of way.

Wait, I've seen something like this a while back. That's a pretty crappy video, by the way. You need a friend to hold the camera next time. Really cool idea, though.

My canoe, I presume you meant interesting to me?


I made a couple of these. I was only the "initial design partner" but have since assisted with "product development". :-)


11 years ago

I made a hydraulic powered logsplitter when I was 15 or 16. I didn't have a torch or a metal bandsaw so I did all the cutting with a hacksaw. Wow, that was a lot of hacksawing! The unit worked really well until I tried to split some old maple with it. Then I found out the iron I used for the main beam was not as strong as the hydraulics... pretzel city : ).