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What is the proper voltage/amperage to charge a 12 volt, 12 amp lead-acid scooter battery? Answered

I picked up a little electric scooter from craigslist yesterday, but I can't seem to find any info online about what charger to use.  It seems to have been some sort of promotional item, as the only brand name on the thing is "Hansen's Diet Soda."

I believe the battery is lead-acid, 12 volt, 12 amp.  My limited understanding of battery charging suggests that I should go with about 12-14 volts at about 1.2-1.5 amps.  Is that right?  What would you recommend?



Best Answer 7 years ago

I believe that lead-acid batteries should be charged at 1/10 the capacity so that would be just about right.

Yes, that's pretty well perfect. Ideally you want to drop down to a trickle charge after that though.