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What is the purpose of the charger circuits in the coilgun design? Answered

I am a freshman in college interested in constructing a coilgun. I do not yet know enough about electronics to understand the purpose of the charger circuits I see in the designs of most coilguns. I am hoping that someone can enlighten me.


the circuits boost the voltage from 1.5V to 300v

you need high voltage to charge the capacitors that come off of cameras.

The charger circuit charges the capacitors to give you more power through your coils when you fire it. In my designs for high voltage stuff, I have a charger that charges up to 600v. Basically, you need the charger circuit.

The enerrgy stored in the cap bank is proportional to the capacitance, but to the product of capacitance and voltage²

Here is something related about coil gun that I would like you to see.


The charger provides a method for filling the capacitors with energy. The energy, of course, is discharged at a high rate to generate a magnetic pulse to fire the projectile. (where the magnetic field is proportional to di/dt)