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What is the purpose of voting for entries in contests? Answered

So I recently entered my first contests, and I decided to read through the official rules. That's when I found this little passage:

"Voting Period. Prior to the Deadline and for three (3) days after the Deadline, registered users of the Sponsor Site may vote on their favorite entry (the "Voting Periodâ€Â). Such voting will not be factored in as part of the Criteria for judging the Contest."

That means voting has no effect on who wins the contest, right? The contest that I entered didn't have a 'popularity' category either. It also doesn't seem like that there's any way of knowing how many votes an entry has accumulated. This leaves me confused. What's the voting for?

I'm not critisizing, I'm just genuinely curious. Have I missed something? 

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yokozunaBest Answer (author)2012-01-01

The voting phase selects the finalists, and the judges pick their favorites from the ones that remain.

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piggleliggle (author)yokozuna2012-01-01

Oh, I seeeee. Everything suddenly makes more sense! Thanks :D

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iproberry1 (author)2012-01-02

to calculate the answers and see who got more votes and to give that person a prize...and so on

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