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What is the significance of 4.7 in electronics? Answered

Why are most electronics components available in multiples of of 4.7?  I've been noticing this a lot recently when looking for components, and it seems like an odd choice to be a common division, seeing as it doesn't divide nicely, and isn't a particularly easy value to work with.

If anyone knows why 4.7 is one of the most common values, I'd be interested to know.


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JayefuuBest Answer (author)2011-06-13

It's part of the E12 series (as well as the E6 and E24 etc). It's the closest value to half of 10.


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The Skinnerz (author)Jayefuu2011-06-13

Thanks for explaining that, it was interesting to see how they come up with all the values.

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