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What is the thinnest paracord you can get? I have a really dainty watch that needs a new wrist band.? Answered

Also it can only be about 1/2 inch wide.


Paracord does come in multiple sizes:

550 Cord is approximately 5/32” or 4mm in diameter

325 Cord is approximately 1/8” or 3mm in diameter

95 Cord is approximately 1/16” or 2mm in diameter


3 years ago

I've seen paracord for crafts as thin as .9 mm. Check your local Michael's store.

Paracords does only come in one size. This is simply because that is how much material it takes to achieve the strength required for classification as paracord (for parachutes). There is actually no regulation for how thick it should be, but thay all end up about 4mm thick. Actual military grade paracord have 7 inner strands or 3 yarns while consumer grade normally has 7 strands of 2 yarns . Chinese pseudo-paracord normally has 5 strands of 2 yarns and are actually not strong enough to comply.

You can look at Mil Spec Utility cord which is 3/32" = 2,4mm or "Type 1 cord" which is 1/16" = 1,5mm or Micro cord which is 1,2mm.

You could also try catfish nylon cord

If the watch is small and I guess for a lady why not use embroidery silk? It knots wonderfully well and you will have a REAL silk watch band.. You can twist the strands together to make it thicker if you need to.

ya lol para cord is all one size as far as i know but inside para cord is 5 to 7 very small white cords. and para cord is only like 1/8" line?

I've only seen "paracord" in one thickness.

But in different stores I've seen lots of cords that are different sized that are built like paracord.

If you live near a fishing gear store look there.  Try the hardware store.  Try a camping store.

How about the internet.  Search for "cord" or "string".