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I need help identifying this "RAM" device... Answered

I always am working with computers, but I have never ever seen this before ever in my life. What is it? Obviously it isn't RAM, so what exactly is it? I feel stupid not knowing something about computers!


It looks like a type of CRIMM (Continuity-RIMM) The design of many common Rambus memory controllers dictated that memory modules be installed in sets of two. Any remaining open memory slots must be filled with CRIMMs (continuity RIMMs). These sticks provide no extra memory, and only served to propagate the signal to termination resistors on the motherboard instead of providing a dead end where signals would reflect. CRIMMs appear physically similar to regular RIMMs, except they lack integrated circuits (microchips). I believe they were used in Xeon based systems about 7-8 years ago. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RDRAM

If you could get a close up shot of the black component on the board, or at least what ever numbers it has on it. This will allow us to have a better idea of what the board is. Currently, I quite like Re-design's theory of it being a piece of test equipment, maybe something to test all the pins in the socket. Not sure what for, maybe connectivity.
Evilfrogie (taomech)

It looks like a face to me.

What's on the other side ? 

ASk your question again but this time make the title more than 5 words long.  Less and they get hung up in the filters for 24 or more hours. This is over 24 hours and has had 1 viewing.

I'd like to know what it is also since I've never seen one either.

It' looks a bit like a test piece that when plugged in would give all pin locations some resistance to be checked against.   Don'no.