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What is this electronic component? Answered

During one of my part harvests I came across a rather odd component. It looked like a black rectangle with steel pegs protruding from one of its sides. The part's etchings are a white dotted line followed by what appears to be a mitsubishi symbol followed by the text "E 27k", an ohm symbol, then " 9428". I found this part on the board of what I believe to have been part of a tape recording machine. Attached is a picture of the component. If anyone can identify the part I would be eternally grateful.


Its a resistor array, with one common connection (that dot on the left), There are 8, 27K resistors after it. It isn't anything to do with R2R ladders

It´s probrably a R2R Resistive Network: http://www.talkingelectronics.com/projects/Testing%20Electronic%20Components/images/ResistorNetwork.gif

Used in Digital to Analogic conversion circuits.

Glad to help =]

I could not find the component datasheet.
Though, you can use a multimeter to figure out how this R2R is configured.

That would be consistent with the 27k ohm mark