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What is this item? Answered

A friend gave this to me, wanted me to find out what it is. I have no idea, she was a bit creeped out by it. It's small, as you can see, sitting on counter in front of coffee pot. When it sits right side up, it looks like a goats head, and upside down it looks like an old man with beard. Someone suggested to me that it could be an end to a samurai sword, however I think that is incorrect. What do you guys think?


It is most Definitely a buttcap from an inexpensive "samurai" sword.

if napkin holder, why not make it sit flat? So it falls over easier?

I think sword may b right.


1 year ago

Not that I think it is a frame that gets bent into a finger ring but it looks like it could...

I'd agree with Josehf that is could be a napkin holder.

I'm not convinced by the samurai sword-end theory either, but thinking along the same lines it could equally be the top cap of a walking stick or an umbrella.

Right!, as soon as I heard him say sword, I doubted it. I too thought perhaps a cap for walking stick.

Thank you for the feedback, to each his own I suppose, however I'd not be using it for that purpose, or any purpose for that matter...lol, it's rather strange.