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What is this odd insect? Answered

This is a very weird looking insect that I found. It looks like it has the stinger and wings of a wasp, but its head and front legs are like a praying mantis. It is about the size of a wasp. Could someone identify this? Sorry if the pictures aren't too good, because it kept crawling away.


You're welcome.

Although Knexmite was the funniest answer... ;-)

It looks like some kind of predatory wasp, but you'll get a better answer from a specialist forum, like the Natural History Museum in London.

It would help if we knew your geographic region. There are thousands of wasp species.

Many wasps will grab and hold another insect in their forelegs as they deposit eggs in or on the unfortunate prey. The heavily developed legs are probaby for subduing large caterpillars.

I hope this helps narrow down the search a bit.

What exactly do you mean by "geographic region" ? This insect has the front legs and head that look exactly like a praying mantis. Wouldn't a wasp have a head that looks like a wasp head?

What country and state or portion of larger states? However much info as you are comfortable giving. There are usually only about a dozen common species in any local area, and they can be completely different from the dozen species that are common in a state 500 miles away.

An insect head has all the same basic parts whether it is on a mantis or a wasp. If it is advantageous for the head of a wasp to look a bit like a mantis, that is the trait that will get passed on. There are lots of spiders that mimic ants, and arachnids & insects are even less related than mantids and wasps.


6 years ago

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