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What is this thing called? (3 leds with a diffuser)? Answered

I acquired a bag of these a while ago, they had no markings and the bag was just a generic clear plastic one.  I've been taking out the leds to use on various other projects, but I found a decent use for them as is, and wanted to know if there's a specific name for them, if I need to go and buy some.  



6 years ago

I would bet a fluorescent crayon could light up bright..  -.-.  .  -.  --.  A


+1 :)

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Will you stop jabbering in a foreign language! :-)...

using a cutting tool such as a dremel, you can make some cuts in the acrilic and then when the LEDs are on, the cuts get illuminated like iceng's image

Looks as though it could be a backlight for a small LCD display.

Yes, you could make a compact-torch with this.



The diffuser gets whiter the further it goes because the light inside the diffuser becomes less intense the further from the leds you go.

Suggest you either use then as illuminated message pads or engrave the surface and use them as illuminated house numbers,