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What is this tool ?? Answered


Does anyone know what this is ?

I found it in a Citroen Berlingo but the van was used for all sorts of maintenance jobs so it could be related to either.





2 years ago

I have a longer one to go below the frost line and turn off/on the garden sprinkler water valve...

As Kiteman says, but it could also be a key for street furniture electrical boxes

+1. It looks like a key for an electrical panel to me as well, older, but almost identical to keys I used to carry in my travel kit for on site maintenance of various industrial system I used to work on for parker, boeing, steris, etc.

It's a valve key of some kind - it fits over the centre of a valve wheel to make it easier to turn (especially if the valve is down a hole in the pavement, such as a water main valve).

+ 1

this is what the water main at my meter needs to turn it off or on. VERY handy to have one should a pipe burst in your home.

It looks like the key our power company gave us to shut off our gas or water at the main coming in from the street. Basically what Kiteman said.

I managed to avoid mentioning that...

It looks like some kind of key that opens something... Try searching in the manual