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What is this tool? Answered

Anyone have any clue what this tool was used for or what it is called?  It was found in the dirt on a farm.  I will attempt to describe as best as I can hoping that this will help after you see the pictures.  It looks like the main piece is like a large needle with an eye at the one end and a point at the other.  Then there is a curved hook sideways to the main piece (see the shadow on my leg).  The hole/open portion in the middle appears to be some sort of clamp.  When you press on the tab piece that is closer to the eye, the hole opens up, releases the pressure on whatever may be inside the hole. 


Miner's candle holder. I guess the candlestick is held in the "clamp" and the pointy end stuck into the mine wall or hung by the hook.

That's why coalminers developed the safety mine lamp with the safety pin back.


(Annoyingly obvious, once you know the answer!)

I've been looking at this topic for the answer.

That is one needlessly terrifying candlestick until you know what it is...