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What is this tool used for and how does it work? Are there accessories attached to this or is it one tool?????????????? Answered



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Very nice high res pic.
At close range it looks like a punch to a die.
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Could you go into further detail? This tool and what you are talking about is new to me. Let me know if you need any more information from me.

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Punch & Die is a class of tools to cut fabric or sheet metal to a
specific shape like a cookie cutter in moms kitchen.

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Destaco Camp


Here is a video using some similar clamps for a robotic operation.

The mechanism works like your typical vise-grip pliers.
When adjusted properly, the clamp holds your workpiece tight. Like several hundred pounds of tight. It clamps with little effort. Also releases and opens very wide with little effort as well.

The multiple pins in the base are set to accept a part of some kind, for repetitive operation of some kind. Say for instance you want to make a large number of BBQ Spatulas. The handle of the spatula would have holes in it that snugly fit over the raised pins on the base plate on the left hand side.

The assembly shown, would typically be bolted down to the machine used for the next step in the fabrication process. This could be a drill press table, a riveting machine, a milling machine, a work table anything.

The operator would place his next handle over these pins and then toggle the clamp closed, securely fixing each and every handle in the exact same position.

With the assembly bolted securely to the machine, and the handle firmly clamped over the assembly, the BBQ handles being produced would all be repeatable copies of one another.

It looks like a standard benchclamp that's been modified as a sheet metal clamp for welding

Well, the silver and red parts are a standard "toggle clamp", available from tool suppliers.

The whole thing may be a commercial tool built around such a clamp, but is more likely to be a special-purpose jig that someone put together to do a particular task. Gods only know what that task was. Better photos of the arrangement of cylinders on the bottom and the plate which gets clamped on top of them might help folks answer that question -- or might not; it could be a one-off.

It looks like a drilling jig, with a toggle clamp to hold the workpiece in place.

Over centre toggle clamp - problem is it may well have a different name in different countries.

It's a clamp. Bolt the base to the work table and put your material under the bar (opposite end to red handle) Press down the red handle and IF you have adjusted the height of the bar correctly the clamp will latch with a slight click - Lifting the red handle undoes the clamp.

Have a look at this.


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It's a past dead center self holding clamp ( no springs needed )
for something that is captured between the gray metal plates.

It could be a connector or other materials like a tarp grommet fastening device
that needs to be clamped for a time over and over.....

It's some kind of press. Pushing down on the handle pushes the block (which looks adjustable) down onto the round bits on the base. Are there any holes in the block? This could be used to join or seal something together, or to punch holes, or maybe press something into shape (if there are holes in the block that correspond to the round dies on the base). More pictures?