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What is wrong with my girlfriends ear? Answered

Me and her went to go eat lunch/dinner at her dads. On the way there, she said her ear was hurting and it was red (hour: 1). (hour 2) now her ear was throbbing and she was basically crying when I touch it and it was starting to look like a burn. I was thinking that it was from her curling iron, but she said she didn't touch it. (hour 4) after lunch/dinner we go to her moms house to hang out and her ear is still throbbing and has a white burn like mark on her ear cartilage. (hour 4.5) she puts ice on it and still hurts, after about 10 minutes after the ice, it started to ooze out some green pus like discharge, yes from her cartilage. she doesn't have it pierced. it seriously looks like it could had been from a curling iron except for the discharge... so she takes some pain killers and tries to go to bed. (hour 5) me and her mom take her to go to the hospital to see what is going on when she it was hurting so bad she was literally crying.(hour 5.25 - 7) we wait in the lobby to be checked out by the doctor, in that time, she was in so much pain that she barely talked. and if we did, she didn't want to talk about her ear with the discharge still oozing out.(hour 7.5) doctor evaluated that its an infection of some sort but has never seen it, so he prescribes her some antibiotic pills and drops. the drops to be put directly onto the sore.(hour 15) in the morning she shows me her ear and it was kinda dried up, but still pretty liquidy. it looked the same for about the rest of the day. she said that it wasn't hurting as near as bad and i could actually touch it and not have her cry or wince in pain. What could this be? and how and why did it happen in less than 12 hours? could it be from the curling iron but just a weird reaction to heat? I will see if I can get some pictures from her to post. but this is what she said hopefully about the ones on her phone (i took some with her ipod) "I deleted them because they are gross."... understandable because they were... very...

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canucksgirl (author)2012-09-17

Its more than likely a bacterial infection. There are many types it could be so it would have been wise for the physician to have taken a culture to send to the lab. There are strains of staph, like MRSA which is becoming more common; but it doesn't have to be something like that to cause the symptoms to show up as quickly as they did.

The greenish color of the discharge is also not alarming. Its caused by a type of protein in the white blood cells, that has a pigment that produces the greenish color. (This is why some nasal discharge can also be green).

You can always take her to her regular family doctor and have a sample of the discharge taken (if not already done). Just make sure that she takes all of the antibiotics and report any worsening or new symptoms (including overall flu-like symptoms) to her doctor.

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rickharris (author)2012-09-17

See Steve's post

Insect bite,

burn got infected

Infected cut/graze/zit?

You have done the right thing and seen a doctor be guided by what
(s)he says

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lemonie (author)2012-09-17

You should sort out whether or not she burned herself with the curling iron, and if it's getting better; don't worry about the rear.


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steveastrouk (author)2012-09-17

Medical advice off the internet is worth what you paid for it.

There are infections, like necrosing fascitis that requires major surgery to cut away infected tissue in as little as 6 hours, let alone 12.......

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