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What is your recommendation for a firing pin based knex gun? Answered

What is your recommendation for a firing pin based knex gun? I want to build one that has loads of power to shoot people with. I think i would prefer one that is magazine loaded(non removable) but not too many peices. I have lots but not mepains sniper or morretti enough!


my MES or the AST pistol, also the BBKWW 2

no,allready suggested - no, mayby i might build the storm 221

no, the 221 bullet gets caught in thje barrel for me

I attempted to build the storm 221 before, but I ran out of parts.

no, I built the stock, main barrel, and part of the fake barrel, then ran out.

How about my new gun? The SR Commando v1

I'll post my Nechryael soonish, it is a PDW style weapon with a removable magazine (but I never take it off, and it can be made permanent with the replacement of 2 pieces) with expansion clips for a stock. Here's a pic. I will probably reconfigure it as an assault rifle (fixed stock and a barrel assembly) before posting. It is accurate enough to hit the average paperback book from 5 metres away every single time, and can leave holes 50 pages into the book.


I will be, I'm still working on the stock though.

wouldnt he need a pic? or do you mean your block trigger one that you posted in '06?

Get one. Surely somebody you know has a camera. What specs does it have? What ammo? What kind of loading system?

im getting my camera fixed specs for the assault pistol ammo blue rods 25rod removable mags designate range 25ft max range 50ft i can empty a mag in 5secs or so reload time is also give or take 5secs

umm..... when you say empty a mag do you mean that you can fire 25 shots in 5 seconds???

yep i shot 500 rods threw the gun without one jam the reload is quick an easy before a gunfight preload a few mags an ur set no more tricky loading during the fight

or you could just use a 50 round box mag like i am using ipod killers sniper! i make my own box mag and i'll put one on dj radios ar-4 v2 ast rifle! ps. do you have a camera yet?

A box mag is a standard mag, you are thinking of a hopper.

And that means you don't use the correct terminology?

well i have fired 50 shots in a row from a hopper without a jam!

Knexsayer. Though it does use a few pieces...

OK Guys...... I dont need your recommendations! I am working in my latest project

Try my AST Pistol, or Foresthell12's pistol.

i'd actually prefer something bigger. like an ast rifle

mine(not posted tho)


9 years ago

No idea haha.