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What kind of SCR would I need for a coilgun with 2500uf 500vdc capacitors? Answered

Using a bank of 6 capacitors, all rated for 500 WVDC and 2500 uF. I'm only going to be mainly using them with 240 and 130 VDC. Would a 500Amp SCR be applicable?



Best Answer 5 years ago

Here is a Hockey Puck SCR that will be the most powerful No-Fail device
in your experimenting arsenal for a weapon.

The one pointed to here is a 400A and 1200V SCR at $30..
You can also get one like the picture 1500A and 6500V SCR at $100..

There is a kicker when using this style of SCR which must be squeze
tightened between parallel isolated heatsinks in order to conduct !

And Don't Stand Behind Me !!


Just got a 1000A SCR, roughly calculated coil resistance and this should work dandy :)


Work out your coil resistance, and then you can work out the peak current.

at zero resistance, (mostly impossible) even a small cap would output near infinite current for an infinitesimal amount of time. It's based on coil draw not the cap.