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What kind of glue would you use to bond glass or glazed ceramic to a wood wall for a mosaic? Answered

I'm planning to fancy up my screen house with my daughter for our summer project. I need a good glue that will bond fast for a mosaic. Thanks!


Laticrete, or Mapei have products designed specifically for setting glass tile.

mapei.com    Adesilex P10

www.laticrete.com  LATICRETE 254 Platinum

There's actual mosaic glue that my wife uses for making mosaics. It's good stuff, holds well and doesn't take forever to set. Sometimes I get yelled at because I borrow it for other projects.

depending on how much you're gluing - 'jb weld' - 2 part epoxy putty holds to practically anything 'no more nails' - medium tack adhesive for all sorts of materials

Assuming the humidity were reasonable and the pieces small, would liberal application of plain white glue work as well?

white glue is not tacky at all - and sould have some real trouble getting stuff to stick to a wall without tonnes of temporary tape. This WOULD work if you made the mosaic on the ground on plywood, then screwed to the wall. Other prob is then that I dont think white glue would be all that good on porcelain (particularly glazed). Choose an adhesive designed for the task at hand!

Ah. I hadn't thought of the tackiness. I just asked because it seems the strength and usefulness of white glue is seriously underrated compared with more expensive products. But of course it has its limitations, as with any product.

Gorilla Glue is supposed to be outstanding for gluing almost anything except some plastics. I've used it for wood and fiberglass. Disadvantage: it foams a bit and expands. Prfesser

trouble is you have to clamp or otherwise hold the pieces for a LONG time while the glue sets - and the expansion...but it is phenomenal glue!

No Nails, or equivalent. But be aware you're unlikely to get them off again without damaging the wood. L

seems I can only find it overseas. anyone know where to buy unibond mega adhesive in the US?

ya gorilla glue is amazing i actually glued my sludge hammer handle back together with the stuff and put a couple wraps of duck tape on it and used it to drive steaks for the fireworks tent last year. but ya if you could kinda rough up the gluing surfaces it will help the glue stick