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What kind of ink should i use to refill an empty hp 21 icartridge? Answered

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Quercus austrinaBest Answer (author)2011-04-19

I have a HP 3900 series printer that uses the same cartridge and I have been refilling for a number of years now. Currently I use JetTec Inkjet All Purpose Black Refill Kit, model R51, UPC# 0 32658 01183, available at my local Staples office supply store for approximately 18 USD. This comes with (3)  30 mL bottles of black ink, (1) 30 mL bottle of cleaner, ink injection apparatus, hand drill (if your cartridge doesn't have a hole for refilling), and miscellaneous hole plugs. I go through about 3 of these kits per school year for my kid's school work (probably 5 -10 pages a day, sometimes more).

I start off with a new HP21, use it up and then start refilling it. If you are lucky, you can get about 5 mL in before it starts to overflow. I usually get 5 to 8 refills before you either need to really clean or replace the cartridge.

That is how HP gets you on them, they made them hold less so you have to buy more. It's not just HP, but all of them have done that on the lower end cartridges. Check it out next time you go to the office store.

As Vyger says, most newer printers keep track of (at least the last 3) cartidges and may not allow you to use them even if they are fully refilled. If that is the case, search for how to reset the chip for your printer. It can be done on some.


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Vyger (author)2011-04-19

There is a company called U ink that makes the best refile ink that I have used. Its also called weink. Just Google it and follow the link. They even have instructions on how to refile cartridges. Its getting more difficult to refil them because of the stupid chips in them.

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