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What kind of motor for backyard railroad? Answered

I am looking into making a backyard railroad. I was wondering what kind of motor and power supply and where to get it. In addition does anyone have any ideas in motor speed control and mounting it thanks! I love instructables.


I am assuming that you don't want it to go very fast seeing it's in your backyard therefore a motor from a mobility scooter should do you will need to play with the gearing I think. You can buy an old mobility scooter from an auction for under US$100 and it will come with the batteries and a charger that you'll need to power it. An electric lawn mower is also a possibility if you can find one.


7 years ago

What scale?
If you're talking about one that the kids can ride, a friend of mine used the 24 volt starter motor from a large diesel engine. Lots of torque for pulling four or five kids and the engineer. He used the controller from an old electric golf cart to control the speed.

You just want to be careful running a starter motor for too long - they're designed for very intermittent use, and have very poor heat dissipation for their huge torque.

agreed on the rest.