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What kind of speakers are best for the turntable I plan on buying? Answered

I've never owned a turntable before and have decided to buy this to start up with. It has a built in pre-amp, and I was wondering what kind of basic equipment I need to go with it. Specifically, what kind of speakers are best for someone wanting the best from their vinyl without spending loads? I have a budget of around £100.


Doh...I finally clicked the link.

You're aware that this player plugs directly into your computer, no?

Most computers these days come with some sort of audio output, so unless you're operating on an old computer that doesn't have one (in which case you'd need a sound card), all you need is some powered computer speakers. Anywhere from $20 on up to a few hundred. $40-$60 should be more than fine, and they can be purchased at a computer store like Micro Center, or at Best Buy, or at any number of online electronics outlets that seell computer peripherals..

PS. Avoid cranking ANY speakers up to "ten". It will inevitably damage them and the audio amp.


3 years ago

Ummm, do you have a lot of records? Do you plan on getting a lot of records? The point being if you don't have a good source of vinyl already you might not want to invest a lot into this.

I don't have many records at the moment so am thinking of getting speakers that I can upgrade later on, if I have to.


3 years ago

A pre-amp is not a speaker driver amplifier.

You need the computer USB or a basic 40 Watt amplifier


that accepts the RCA style stereo cable connecter from the turn table pre-amp.

The Basic Amplifier will dictate the speakers you need.

You play the game of how much to spend.


+1 As Ice said, you'll **probably** need to plug it into the phono input on a stereo or other power amplifier.

If you happen to have one of those shelf stereo systems it *may already be equipped with the appropriate input.

There is a possibility that with the resurgent popularity of phonographs (ie, "record players"), that the mfg may have designed the pre-amp to be suitable for delivering its output signal into "powered speakers" but you'd be best off asking the mfg directly instead of depending on thrid party responses.

BTW, as far as speaker are concerned, even the cheap self-powered speakers these days are fine, as long as you follow one critical rule. NEVER EVER turn them up all the way. (And frankly, that advise applies for any soiund system. it's a 99% guaranteed way to ruin the speakrs and in most cases, to damage the amplifier)

Sort out your power amp and then choose the best speakers you can afford that match it - impedance and wattage are the key figures.

In general you get what you pay for. With few exceptions. Mind a good well designed enclosure can make mediocre speakers sound better.