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What kinds of contests do YOU want to see on Instructables? Answered

Hi everyone! As we're planning contests for the next year, we wanted to get suggestions and feedback on the types of contests we're running. :D

Is there a contest we ran years ago you'd like to see again?
Any contests you're sick of?
A weekly challenge you'd like us to expand on?
Do you want the contests to be more specific or more open ended?

We're trying to shake things up in contest-land - so any and all suggestions are welcome! I'm especially interested in what types of tech contests you guys would like to see, as well as ideas for food contests. 

P.S. For anyone wondering about weekly challenges - we're still trying to figure out a way to do it that makes it easy for you guys to enter and easy for the editors here to run. But I promise we are discussing it! :)

Have prize suggestions? Check this topic.
Want to get a preview of some of our upcoming contests?




contest making mini and very tiny things contest related to any thing.

The game life contest is running at the moment.

The Tiny Homes Contest starts on August

What about a Prehistoric Contest? It is a huge theme for DIY projects:

* robot-dinosaurs,

* Flinstones cosplay;

* how to make stone age tools;

* how to find fossils,

* 3 d printed trilobites.

I don't have a suggestion for a contest (yet), but I'm wondering why you don't have a category for Instructables that use paint? Just about everything needs a top coat or some kind of finish at some point so it would be helpful to be able to post in a Paint category :)

Thanks for the suggestion. I don't know if there is enough paint-centric projects to justify a whole channel, but I will definitely look into it.

My gut reaction is that there are a lot of projects that use paint, but not as many where paint is the central focus.

A home automation contest would also be great !!

What about a cardboard contest?

We will run one again eventually, but I don't currently have it scheduled.

underwater contest like underwater Robot,light,plant etc

Underwater is too specific, but there is a Water Contest launching tomorrow!


18 days ago



21 days ago

I have a suggestion for a contest theme, it is about mobile cover and stand making challenge. I hope you may like my idea!!



23 days ago

A k'nex contest would be really awesome. There hasn't been one here in years and I think having a k'nex contest would really help bring the community back here. :)

Thanks for considering!

Quilling contest, anything with Paper Quilling

I’d like to see a LEGO/ brick building contest

I really hope the Invention contest makes a comeback.

Also, are there any plans to do another 3D printing contest?

A Competition for products that are useful in the future and that could impact peoples day to day lives, home living or provide solutions to Urbanisation and the future of small space living.

Such as..... Urbanisation design, small space design, designing for homes in the future, designing products that serve a purpose that could be useful to people in the future.

These could possibly include in some way design elements like... CAD, Laser cutting, woodworking, metal work, design and other categories that could be related back to Instructables.

I guess this could at least provide a guide for people to produce useful products to solve a potential issue and could encorporate design and production tools?

$5/$10 challenge - what you can make for 5 or 10 bucks

Music challenge - composing, songwriting, instruments

Original games challenge - Game has to be created or modified by you

Also the Trash to Treasure and Homemade contests are great


2 months ago

another homebrew contest, homemade gifts (but I suppose this would be closer to the holiday season), dollar store challenge :)

Game contest for board or family related games or items

We would more likely run a general gaming contest, which would be open to all kinds of games. There is not currently one scheduled, but this is something we will run eventually.

It has been a long time since a flashlight contest :-)

hey randofo, I would like to see a contest/challenge about DIY tools, instead of buying tools, it could be cool to make a tool with recycled materials or a tool which will be cheaper than the original one, I hope you'll find this suggestion great ;)

Since I'm working on quite an elaborate puzzle quest which should be solved by the puzzler in the scope of months and I've already invested more than 100 hours in would suggest a riddle challenge or puzzle contest. The earlier the better, so I can wait with uploading. (Just kidding) But I do like some of the puzzles I've seen on this website when the previous puzzle contest was on.

Another thing I really liked was the 'I made it' Give-away which just ended. Only I didn't like the way it ran via the topics. I only knew of them by Instagram. Something like that should be added more regularly to the contest-page on one way or another, so it has more people knowing of it. Just provide small prices to win like this time and giving it out random. Also maybe exclude authors who already 'won' in for example the last half year.

I can definitely add a puzzle contest to the list for consideration later this year.

We would like to run smaller giveaways, but need to figure a good format for them. I believe we might be trying to run some via social media.


2 months ago

candy making contest, paleo cooking contest, pet contest, sports (workout plans, creative workout , games, products etc.) contest, travel guide contest (home cities- i think its really fun learning about places and how different it is coming from different views, including local's tips and fun spots in the city), decor contest

I want to see a contest for music,


Composing, how to play, and how to make.

I suppose it has been a while since we ran a music contest. Will add this to the suggestions list.

does this mean it will be in this year?

I honestly do not know yet. We have nothing firmly nailed down after July-ish and there are a few potential open spots in the fall and winter. We sort of look at the total contest list, and then make that decision based on a lot of different factors.


3 months ago

Soft robotics and soft mechanisms

I'm not sure there would be enough participation if I ran those contest. Although, we have a Casting Challenge coming up in a few weeks and I think that soft robots would work for that challenge (assuming you are casting your own soft robot parts).

Some sort of lazy/cozy/couchpotato contest? Something that makes your life more relaxed at home? I got one nice project up my sleeve ;)

"Make it Fly" was always fun.

Also, how about an "Old School Electronics" without micro controllers; no Arduinos or Pi's allowed!

How about one for turning / lathes / carving?

Or, how about a "new skill" contest?

Admittedly I'm a bit biased - I just recently pick up a lathe and I'm just in the process of figuring out how to use it. :)

A turning contest is probably a bit too niche for our site, but there are lots of contests you could enter.

New Skill on the other hand is a bit too broad and maybe difficult for us to evaluate. We get a lot of entries into many contests where people show off new skills that they have learned. We highly encourage you (and everyone!) to learn new skills, but I am not sure we can run a contest around it.

No worries here

I tend to come up with "something" whenever I try to learning new stuff as part of the process

I just need to keep an eye out for what's coming up on the calendar and see what jumps out at me :)



5 months ago

I just looked up the numbers and the "experts" are saying that 1/3 of Americans are sleep deprived. So what you need to have is a sleep contest.
Anything related to sleep, like places, nests, methods, things that help like white noise. And you could even have sub categories like sleeping at work, sleeping in the car, napping, sleeping while traveling. You get the idea. People spend a large part of their life doing it, so have a contest about it.

If people are so busy sleeping, when are they going to make their Instructable?! ;)

I'll add this idea to the suggestions list.

Cake Decorating contest!

We were thinking about some sort of similar challenge perhaps later in the year. Stay tuned.

Pi Day 3-14 - I guess for next year. Two categories Pie and Non-edible Pi

I miss the old Pi Day contests!