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What kinds of machines/tools are used to mass produce BULLETIN BOARDS mostly CORK used. Answered

Want to manufacture BULLETIN BOARDS
Mostly using CORK.
Any guidance

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Burf (author)2010-01-03

Generally, industrial carpentry tools, cork is, after all, just wood. But, more specifically, it depends on the frame you intend to mount the cork in; aluminum, steel, plastic or wood. Also whether or not you plan to do your own extrusion, bending, injection or vacuum forming is a factor, as each requires more specialized tools than used for  simple wooden frames.

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lemonie (author)2010-01-03

I'd say "cutters" mainly. There's probably some manual assembly with glue / a staple-gun?


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AngryRedhead (author)2010-01-03
You can contact a factory that's already producing cork boards and put in an order according to your specifications.
You can contact a machine shop that is capable of making a machine that will meet your needs.
You can order all the products and set up your own factory and do it all essentially by hand.

However, it's unwise to invest a lot of capital into something that others are already doing, so it's wisest to contact a factory that's already making cork boards and place an order unless you have a radical new design that will change the face of cork boards as we know it.

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