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What lube would be best for a 3x3x3 rubik's cube? Answered

I have a rubik's cube, and I want to lubricate it.
I have heard that the best, reliable lubricant would be silicon spray, but I have a lot of silicon heatsink compound that I'd like to use....would it make much difference?
I also have WD-40...but that supposedly melts the cube, right?



Best Answer 7 years ago

The other two answers are correct -- do not use WD-40. It is NOT oil. It is 10% lubricant and 90% solvent. WD stands for water-displacement -- its designed to unstick rusty bolts, but actual lubrication value isn't there.

Heatsink compound is probably too viscous to use -- and if you get it wrong and use silicone epoxy you'll be sad. Silicone spray is cheap and very effective.


6 years ago

TALC POWDER, pull a cube out and shot a bit in. sorted

I would use the silicone lubricant for fishing reels. Mostly because I already have a tube of it and I think it would be the perfect lubricant for your task.

You should really use silicon spray. Make sure the spray says it's designed for plastic somewhere on the can, not all silicone sprays say that they are safe on plastic.

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