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What made you interested in the Sew Useful contest? Answered

Hey all! We at Etsy are putting together a press release for the Sew Useful contest. If you wouldn't mind answering some of the questions, your quotes could be featured in the release! (With a link to your item as well!) Please respond to any or all of the questions as you see fit... What about this contest caught your eye? Do you have any specific anecdotes about getting your idea for your entry? What's the need your useful item is fulfilling? Have you done a How-to before? Have you taught friends, family, students how to make something before? Hope you're having fun making your entries! We can't wait to see them.


What about this contest caught your eye?
I love to sew and I consider it my personal mission to encourage others to try! Also, I love Etsy (minor addict) so when I saw that Instructables / Etsy were pairing together re: sewing contest, I knew it was for me.

Do you have any specific anecdotes about getting your idea for your entry?
Just that I like to make things that involve taking my husband's inseam, if you get my drift.

What's the need your useful item is fulfilling?
We are trying to avoid dependence on our car; my husband bikes to work over seven miles each way. We live in very rainy climes - the coast of the Pacific Northwest. My bike chaps are a lightweight, convenient option for him to stay dry.

As well I wanted to take the rain / outergear realm out of the $400-a-garment realm of Mountain Equip Co-op, REI etc. Wonderful technical fabrics are available and as a seamstress we should not shy from using them.

Have you done a How-to before?
Yes, I have. I started a sew blog with tutorials for garments. Instructables is a great idea to broaden the audience (and learn DIY myself!).

Have you taught friends, family, students how to make something before?
Yes; I teach basic sewing classes. I love to teach sewing and will go to lengths to help anyone with any problem (as far as I can). I have found many express a desire to learn to sew; far fewer will take the time to do it.

Any chance this will happen again? I'm surprised that it's not at least an annual thing.

There are usually one or two sewing contests every year sponsored by Singer, though the theme is usually different (ie; sew warm, kids craft, the most recent one was the quilting contest)

I sew and I like to make things that are useful and I love Etsy. What more can I say :)

I decided to enter the contest because I wanted to get back to my artistic roots. My mom was an indie artist who loved to sew. She taught me when I was young. I blog about indie artists from Etsy all the time (www.diything.com) but have been so busy that I haven't taken time to do my own art. I am originally from Louisiana as I mention in my instructable for the Katrina Memorial Cube Sculpture, I am awed by the incredible strength of Gulf Coast residents. It is in their honor that I contribute this instructable to the SewUseful challenge. I really do feel that this piece of art may be very useful as a healing tool for many and more than that I believe that art is perhaps the most useful thing we do as humans. The ability to create, process, and reflect allows our mind and often our bodies to heal. So, I hope these photos and instructions are useful in bringing about some measure of healing for those who have endured so much. I am also motivated to win the sewing machine. I have an old machine that needs to be replaced in order for me to really pursue my creative sewing interests. I am really interested in using thrifted garments to reconstruct something new. I love eco-fashion and sustainable art projects. Thanks for giving us all a chance to win. It has been fun.

I haven't gotten a chance to make a sew useful entry, but I have a etsy stor and discovered instrustables because of the sew useful contest.

Hi to the peeps in this group. I stumbled across Instructables looking for info on how to build a fishpond water filter. I decided to attempt a last minute entry to the Etsy contest as it brought together a number of must do things I have in my diary - register with paypal (finally), register with both Etsy and Instuctables (**!!hooray!!**). Thank you for providing that spur of the moment inspiration, the irresistable carrot of a whizzy sewing machine, goodybags etc and the oh so glorious luxury of crossing items off my things-to-do list woohoo!!!


11 years ago

The first thing that caught my eye about this contest was the contest itself. A reader from my blog suggested to me that I should enter one of my tutorials to the contest and since I like challenges I thought this was a good opportunity. The second was that nice sewing machine. I have been asking for a new one because mine is giving the last kicks, so that would not be bad at all. I really don't have an anecdota about having an idea for this contest because I created my tutorials before, but what I could say is that I made my tutorials thinking like if they were meant to be in a contest :) The need that my items fulfill is the need of creativity and uniqueness in addition to the need for making something that people will feel proud of when giving to others. And the fact that being crafty does not mean to be a pro with the glue gun or sewing machine, anybody can be crafty if you give your readers the right information and clear steps to follow. That is the need my items fulfill as well. Yes, I love sharing with others my crafty skills and experiences. It makes me feel proud that somebody who did not think was skillful enough to operate a sewing machine or a needle and thread finds easy to follow my instructions and steps. This makes the time put on my tutorials rewarding and well worthed. Yes, I have thaught some ladies from my community to make some crafty items and has been a a lot of fun! I am very passionate about sewing and making crafts but never thought I will be having a blast teaching others how to make crafts. Creating tutorials and guiding others through the crafty process has been a lot of fun too. I enjoy every step of making steps for others to follow. Thanks to Etsy and it's members for the opportunity! Sicerely, Magda K.

Welcome! Thanks for posting- your bright, cheerful projects are well-documented and easy to follow. I'm glad you're having fun!

What about this contest caught your eye? The sewing machine! I need a new sewing machine so I can keep my embroidery one hooked to my computer and have another one that is usable without having to keep unplugging cords and moving everything around. Do you have any specific anecdotes about getting your idea for your entry? Yes, i do ceramics, and I wanted to start making my own molds, but could never find a good tutorial with real photos that shows you step by step. This contest helped me take the plunge and learn how. My first isn't the best. But now that I know how, I look forward to creating many more. What's the need your useful item is fulfilling? Three things the need for a herb planter in the kitchen, scissor holder, and the need for the tutorial for other people who were seeking one like I was. Have you done a How-to before? Yes, When I was in highschool, I taught lead guitar to a few guys and then went into teaching children how to play and how to read music. I made lesson plans and how to guides for them each week. Have you taught friends, family, students how to make something before? Yes, I have worked with my family on how to make ceramics and how to make candles.

Welcome- thanks for posting!
I'm especially psyched to see instructions for a neat technique I've never used before. Your pictures are quite good, and make it look easy! I'd love to see what else you can do.

What about this contest caught your eye?
I'm innately competitive and I like winning things. Pretty shiny sewing things even better.

Do you have any specific anecdotes about getting your idea for your entry?
It's gotten me a book deal and a magazine article (both Nov 2007), and has seemingly been linked everywhere.

What's the need your useful item is fulfilling?
A pincushion that you can grip in your hand that won't get you stuck. It fit in a floss box, and you can't loose pins and needles in it. it's also recycling old bottlcaps, always good.

Have you done a How-to before?
A couple beadwork ones, but this one is my best and most popular.

Have you taught friends, family, students how to make something before?
Yeah, I teach in a medieval reenactment group and show others how to do all sort sof thigns like beadwork, etc.

What a neat, simple project! Thanks for sharing! I'd love to see some of the things you do with the medieval reenactment group (SCA?)- they'd probably make great Instructables!

What about the contest caught my eye? The idea that a craft item would be couples with usefulness, often in a nontraditional way. My item is not a classic "craft" (who crafts urinary leg bags?), but since it is something made with my hands, I guess it qualifies. Mainly, though, I wanted to share an idea that helped my husband in a most practical way, and I hope it would help others, too. Have I done a how-to before? I sell knitting patterns, so everything I do is a how-to. I've also taught folks to knit. It's very rewarding to see folks eyes light up with one of those "ah-ha!" moments when they get it, and they are successful at something they never thought they could do. I don't think my idea is an award winner, just practical.

Practicality is often underrated!
You've put up a nice, simple improvement- the neat thing is that now people searching for solutions to the same problem will find your Instructable!

Hi All,

Okay, so here are my answers for Vanessa's questions. Thanks to Etsy and Instructables for this opportunity to participate in this great contest. Here is the link to my instructables:


Q: What about this contest caught your eye?

I have an Etsy store and read about the SewUseful Contest being extended from the blog. So, I decided to write instructions for my handmade walker bag. Now, I am so glad to participate.

A: Do you have any specific anecdotes about getting your idea for your entry? What's the need your useful item is fulfilling?

When I first read the contest info, I said to myself "Wow! This is what I am looking for!" The walker bag instructions I have for the contest can be useful to someone who is looking to make one for their loved one, and Etsy also will donate the fees when I list the walker bag for sale to the OLCP (One Laptop per Child). I thanked Etsy for coming up with this great contest! It is so cool to be able help others and to grow my handmade bag business at the same time.

Q: Have you done a How-to before?

No! And to be honest, this is one of the reasons why I participated in this contest. I wanted to find out if I could write clear and easy to understand instructions. Now, I know how difficult it is. It is easy to just make the walker bag and have all the steps in your head. I feel such a joy just to be able to photograph and document the process and to turn it into a guide. It also motivates me to write more in the future.

A: Have you taught friends, family, students how to make something before?

I taught one of my friends to make a sewn sit-up eyeglass case a while ago, but there are no written instructions. I just made a pattern for it and told her what and how to do it and we made it on the spot.

C:\Documents and Settings\Owner.Julia\My Documents\julia document\sewuseable contest\step9e.jpg

Welcome to Instructables, and good luck in the contest! Teaching someone else how to do something really makes you pay close attention to detail. It's a really great exercise, and feels especially nice when someone duplicates your project from the directions!

Hi Christy, Thank you! Indeed it is a great exercise. You have a lot of yummy recipes :) I should try to make the scones with blueberries and lemon. Julia

Definitely try them- they're addictive! Best of luck in the contest.

What about this contest caught your eye? I heard about Instructables.com through reviews of Maker Faire 2007. I've had some ideas and wanted to share them and thought this would be a great way to do it. While on the site I saw the link to the Sew Useful contest. I have to admit that a brand new sewing machine was a huge draw. Still I had some things I was considering to post on Instructables, but this got me to really sit down and share. I'm sure it would have taken me months to post my first idea if it hadn't been for this contest. Do you have any specific anecdotes about getting your idea for your entry? My idea came to me while I was sitting at the auxiliary terminal for United at LAX on my way to Santa Maria, CA. I had been doing a lot of traveling for work. This was close to the time that the airlines were installing the self ticketing kiosks in the terminals. I already didn't like the little paper jackets that the airlines gave you and now they had replaced the cardstock boarding passes with super flimsy paper ones. Also security at the airports was tight. I was always fumbling with my ID and my boarding passes as I was trying to get through the line, take off my coat and shoes. While sitting at the terminal I noticed that an older couple was also there. The guy had one of those restaurant check holders that the server brings to your table when it is time to pay. While that was big and bulky and I would never carry one around in the airport it got me to thinking that he was on the right track. We needed some stiffened holder for the new flimsy tickets. It also had to close around the tickets protecting them from the normal wear and tear from a day of traveling. For the rest of the time waiting for my flight, I thought more about it. I decided that I needed a thin jacket that would easily fit in a pocket. It also had to have a clear front so I wasn't taking out my ticket all the time to confirm my flight number and seat assignment. If I had a clear front, I could have a clear pocket for my ID so no more fumbling at security. I was a parachute rigger, so I had experience with sewing, so the whole thing came together pretty quickly in my mind. What's the need your useful item is fulfilling? With millions of air travelers across the world, my item clears up many of the annoying parts to airline travel today. What I consider the biggest is that you have your valuable ID and other travel documents in a single place that can be verified easily by security. I don't have to keep track of multiple things when security if verifying my identity. Another big driver of the design was to eliminate the need to handle the flimsy ticket when I'm checking the departure monitors in the airport or my seat assignment as the plane is boarding. The clear front means I can leave the ticket in the protector while I re-read this information. Next it is thin. I can easily tuck this in a back pocket or in the pocket on the inside of my jacket. Some of the similar items available will carry everything like cell phones and PDAs. They just become too bulky for me and I wouldn't use them as much. I built a prototype and have used it during my travels since then. One thing I didn't anticipate, but is useful is that I keep all my travel related membership cards in it. I have a corporate credit card that I'm only authorized to use while I'm on business travel, so that stays in this. I also have memberships to hotels and rental car agencies. These cards stay here as well, so I can present them at the desk when I check in. These don't fill up my wallet when I'm home, but are convenient when I travel. I have been caught on the shuttle bus from long term parking without any singles. I will tuck a couple away in this jacket just in case. That way I know I always have a tip for the driver on the shuttle. Have you done a How-to before? I've taught before in a number of different environments. I've also set up some instructions and checklists at work. I've never done something this complete or in this open environment before. I like the concept behind Instructables.com. It is a great place for people with ideas to share them with a larger worldwide audience. This project was one that I've wanted to share for a long time. I've found it extremely useful myself, but didn't know where to get a voice to share it. I've thought about typing up instructions that I could e-mail out for about as long as I've had the idea. I just never got around to it. The format of Instructables.com made it easy and the contest where I could win something got me to take it seriously and post my idea. Now that I see how easy it is to do, I will work on getting some new ideas out there. Have you taught friends, family, students how to make something before? I have taught others how to make things before. Not as much as more classical teaching of information, but a few times. I really enjoy teaching and knowing that someone can do something that will help them, something they weren't able to do on their own before. I've always been limited to the audiences of people around me. Now through the help of Etsy.com and Instructables.com, I get to share my ideas with a much larger audience. I'm already looking around at a few of my other projects to see what I can post next.

Your project really caught my eye, because I travel a lot for work, too. It IS annoying to use those flimsy paper jackets, and now that you check yourself in at ticketing, the boarding pass comes on extremely flimsy paper. I've been eying these up for a long time at luggage stores, but I find there's always something I don't like about them. Some are way too expensive and made out of leather -- which is fine if you can afford it, but I'd rather not have something so expensive that I'll always be worried about losing it, or getting coffee and food stains on it. I really want something made out of a durable fabric. But most of those are pretty plain and ugly. I don't want a silly flowery design, but I sure don't want just basic black, either.

Then, too, I recently had to go to Europe, and so I also had to keep my passport handy. Oh, and all those receipts that I need to keep for my expense reports! I'm forever stashing them somewhere quickly, and then forgetting where I put them. You would think a wallet would be sufficient, but actually, a wallet works fine for money and credit cards, but is not so fine for stashing the many bits and pieces of paper that quickly accumulates on a business trip.

Your Instructable is definitely going on my list of things to try, and I'm going to keep my eye out for suitable material on my next trip to the fabric store.

Welcome- I'm glad the contest inspired you to post! You've got some neat projects up. I'll look forward to seeing what else you're making!

What about this contest caught your eye?

I don't own a sewing machine, how shall I ever make my traction kite without one?

Do you have any specific anecdotes about getting your idea for your entry?

For years, my wife would hold any catalog containing a copper rain chain in front of me and say "You could make that for me", she finally stopped asking, so I made it.

What's the need your useful item is fulfilling?

An aesthetic reproach of the dreadful downspouts we use. And the practical purpose of moving water to where it needs to be, and it made my wife happy.

Have you done a How-to before?


Have you taught friends, family, students how to make something before?

Yes. this one is part of a gardening curriculum I developed and teach.

she finally stopped asking, so I made it
I'm not sure what I think about that philosophy, but sewing machines are definitely useful for making traction kites!

What do you plan to do with a traction kite when you finally make one?

The obvious answer is "Hurt myself" ;-) and I'm not quite as dreadful a husband as I seem.

We know a chap who got dropped on his back by a Blade, fractured his spine, was in a brace for months, so Kitewife made me buy bodyarmour.

I haven't had a chance to fly since :-(

Rain, illness, more rain, no wind, rain...

... I'm starting to develop a modicum of skepticism regarding GW =D

The obvious solution is to only fly your kites over water.

Kites don't break people- the ground does."


11 years ago

What about this contest caught your eye?
Honestly, my brother sent me the link and thought I should enter. I am crafty and love making my own patterns for things I create. Also, being a teacher on hiatus (raising my daughter) this was a chance to make "lesson plans." I know most teachers hate making lesson plans, but i *LOVE* it! WOOT!
Do you have any specific anecdotes about getting your idea for your entry?
I just entered a CD visor, I just wanted something funkier for my music than the ugly black one my husband has. I soon will enter a diaper bag. I designed this because it's hard to find a good diaper bag. They are either ugly, too big, too small, or not set up for organization. I first made this diaper bag for a cousin's baby shower, but everyone who sees it falls in love with it. If i have time, I have one more up my sleeves.

What's the need your useful item is fulfilling?
Organization. Organization. Organization. Both my diaper bag and CD visor are great for it. It doesn't hurt that they are stylish to boot!

Have you done a How-to before?
Only for my students. I had never done one for Instructables before.

Have you taught friends, family, students how to make something before?
Yes. Many times friends and family will ask me for help figuring out how to make something. I like the challenge and passing on my ideas to them.

ooh i have twins - so - i want to see your nappy bag - actually we brits call them changing bags haha !!! thanks cat xxx

Neat projects! Organization is always relevant. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the last project!

i saw the competition advertised on esty so i wandered over here - and i thought, wow i could do this, and where there any cool things like how to give artist bears eyelids? i tutor regularly the art of scrapbooking and have also taught people how to throw pots (potters wheel) and various things ... i love to teach or tutor and i believe i can get my head around what helps a particular person learn. im very pro adult learning too ... i love challeneges so that was another good reason to take it up i just had to ponder what was simple but effective and made a difference. i am sure glad i actually made a pin cushion now, especially as im already 36 and started sewing when i was 8! anyway - i put about how often i drop my pins all over the floor inthe intructable so people couls see why its really really sewuseful and not just another stuffed shape! cough ... my sewing machine is old too, imagine getting a nice sexy new one with whistles and bells too...perhaps i might have to pay to get it shipped to me as im far far away should i win haha - well why not dream! i make everything - and ive used a fee other peoples ideas so why not share something from me? perhaps ill keep coming back and doing more imnstructables ... kinda fits in with the whole pay-it-forward philisophy :-) thanks for listening xxx

Nice philosophy- inspiring the rest of us to post more projects is definitely a good thing! You can submit up to three projects, so post away if something else strikes your fancy! All crafty projects are eligible- you're not limited to sewing. ;) I know I'd love to see a pottery project- there aren't any in the contest yet.

awww, thanks canida i must pass this site around a bit more - i know a lot of 'crafty people' cat xxx

What about this contest caught your eye?
I thought about posting my magnetic tool holster for a while. The sewing machine prize made me get off my duff and actually do it.

Do you have any specific anecdotes about getting your idea for your entry?
I had taken some hard drives apart at work, and was surprised how powerful the magnets were. I started using the magnets to hold small tools and parts. Around that time I was considering sewing new velcro on my tool holster when I had a small light bulb moment. Instead of new velcro I added a magnet and it actually worked.

What's the need your useful item is fulfilling?
Need is probably too strong a word, I think Niche is more appropriate.

Have you done a How-to before?
I have done how-to's at work explaining how to operate various vehicles and technical equipment. This is my first Instructable.

Have you taught friends, family, students how to make something before? Sure, I like to teach people how to do things if they are interested. A co-worker saw my holster and made his own version. After I heard him say "ouch" for the umpteenth time he reached for his tool, he admitted he didn't sew it together, he stapled it.

Welcome to Instructables, and thanks for posting! What else do you build? Anyone who carries around a tool holster (and uses it enough to kill the velcro) must make some good stuff!

What about this contest caught your eye? I just think the opportunity to create something new and interesting is what really made me want to enter. I really enjoyed that you had to think of something useful. It's an awesome contest to be a part of and really inspired me to think of something new and different. Do you have any specific anecdotes about getting your idea for your entry? Well actually yeah. About 6 months ago, I was going to be forced to take my dads old Jeep. He didn't really keep it nice and neat & clean so, I started looking for seat covers and I really couldn't find anything that was cute. Everything the stores had were either really immature or really ugly, so I figured "hey, it can't be that hard, I could probably make my own!" I actually didn't end up getting my dad's Jeep though, and I kinda forgot about the idea until this contest came up and I was struggling to think of something I've never made before (because I thought it'd be cool to learn how to do it while everyone else does!) What's the need your useful item is fulfilling? It fulfills the need for cute, funky, fun, adult universal seat covers for your car. It helps jazz up the environment that many people are in for up to hours a day. There also is only one "car seat cover" for an adult car seat on etsy, so I figured there definitely could be a market for these. Have you done a How-to before? Nope, I've never done a really detailed how-to like this one. I've done simple, worded ones, but I'm not really great at explaining how to do stuff. Have you taught friends, family, students how to make something before? I offer to teach my friends how to make stuff all the time, It's a lot easier to me if it's a hands-on learning process. Most of my friends prefer for me to make them stuff so they can purchase it!

Welcome to the site, and thanks for posting your project! I find that putting up how-to projects improves my ability to think and explain myself clearly- you'll have to let me know if it helps!

Well obviously winning something and I have been working on tutorials lately for some stuff I've made, so since I was already working on it I thought I would share, and now I know of a great place to share with everyone other than my blog that I think only I read I carry my knitting with me to work eveyday, and I always have needles poking out of my bag and stabbing me and poking through my bag, and I even broke a tip because of that, so Ive been wanting to create something I can carry along with me that is small, I also started making my own knitting needles and wanted a crafty way to gift them, and this is perfect, its the wrapping paper and its useful afterwards I started working on tutorials after visiting a craft site (craftster) many times and seeing a lot of great instructions and tutorials that everyone shares, I love love when people share. So far I have taught most of the girls I work with how to knit and they love it, and Im always there to show them how to fix their mistakes, and now I have people to enjoy it with

Thanks for sharing your project! You can put up to three in the contest, and of course we'd love to learn anything you'd like to teach! ;)

What about this contest caught your eye?
I'm a former educator so the idea of making a "lesson plan" to go with an art form, quilting, which I love, was appealing and the sewing machine prize would be a great upgrade from my old machine. Also, I think my idea works well for a service project because it is simple enough for a beginner and it's a fun way to help others. I liked the idea of helping out the laptop project as well.
Do you have any specific anecdotes about getting your idea for your entry?
I love making fabric postcards and the idea of personalizing them with photos for the troops came to me because of friends' spouses deploying and wanting a quick yet creative way to show that I care about them and thier families.
What's the need your useful item is fulfilling?
Showing support to the families and military service people during this increasingly difficult time of war, to let them know they are not forgotten and their sacrifices are important. I really believe that fabirc postcards will hold up quite well in harsh desert conditions.Also, motivating more peole to get involved and show their support.
Have you done a How-to before?
I have done Power Point type lessons and presentations for lessons that I taught to elementary school children and teachers. I found the instructables process to be very similar to that process and quite user friendly.
Have you taught friends, family, students how to make something before?
Yes, being a teacher in a former life I have done many how to's with art projects, etc. I also belong to aa art quilting group where we teach new skills to each other.

Neat project- thanks for sharing! I see you've discovered some of the other groups around the site, too. You can submit up to three projects for this contest, and we'll have more to enter in the future!

What about this contest caught your eye? I always look into the contests on Etsy and decide that my little items wouldn't possibly win. But, when I saw the prize was a new sewing machine I decided to give it a try! Plus, I checked out this site and it's amazing!!! I love the idea of people freely sharing and collaborating on how-tos. Do you have any specific anecdotes about getting your idea for your entry? I came up with this idea a few months ago. I originally thought to offer them in my shop as an upcycle item. But, sewing the blanket and the knit fabric is tricky. They don't turn out looking as pristine as I'd like them to look for me to offer them in my shop. They are the perfect item to share with the world. They're easy to make, super useful, and help out the environment. What's the need your useful item is fulfilling? Less garbage in the landfills, people! Have you done a How-to before? I've never done one. But now that I have, I can't stop thinking of other how-tos I could add. This site is seriously fantastic. Have you taught friends, family, students how to make something before? I've taught people to knit, play trumpet, play guitar, play piano, and speak Spanish and English.

Welcome to the site! We love green and resusable design. I'll look forward to seeing more of your projects!

What about this contest caught your eye?

I've done an instructable or two and have been putting in more time on the workbench. I've also checked out Etsy and thought about what items I could sell there. This contest was the thing that flipped the switch to get off my butt and get making stuff.

Do you have any specific anecdotes about getting your idea for your entry?
This is cut/pasted from my intro in the instructable, but it goes like this....

With Father's day coming up, I wanted to do something a little different. Now, dad plays a lot of board games and occasionally I've seen him have to squint a bit to see how the dice wound up.

I used to work in a gaming store (board, not video) and saw a lot of dice styles cross the counter. One of them was the long polygon style from Crystal Caste. I liked the basic idea and its stuck in the back of my mind ever since I first saw them.

Now that I thought of doing something for Dad, the two things, easy to read dice and the "rolling log" style from Crystal Caste clicked and I was off to the races. The fact that I could make up a little box and label it "Big Brass Ones - One Pair" when giving it to him was too good to pass up.

What's the need your useful item is fulfilling?

I'm making sure my father can see the dice results he just rolled even from across the table. That and he will be the king of the walk as everyone comes over to see just what kind of dice make that kind of noise when rolled.

Have you done a How-to before?

I've done an instructable before - even won (third place!) in a contest with it. I hope to continue this trend of posting and winning.

Have you taught friends, family, students how to make something before?

Not formally but I'm usually the guy people go to to get something fixed or built.

The best way to win contests is to keep entering!
Your original dice Instructable inspired me to post this one.

I've been a member at instructables for a while and really love the site. Making things and coming up with new ideas is a way of life. Having a contest was a great incentive to post something for the first time. I'd be happy to hear if anyone ever makes my instructable and if they liked the finished product. I look forwards to comments. I have to agree with the above comments that a nice sewing machine would be a dream come true. (I've always owned a real cheap one from the flea market or walmart...)

I'm glad you finally posted- neat projects! We'll have to hold more contests to keep you motivated. ;D


11 years ago

Welcome! We're glad to meet new creative people. I'll look forward to seeing your project!

that sewing machine rocks! some goodies from etsy labs would be great too. plus who doesn't love a good challenge.