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What makes a battery corrode? Answered

 This device has been inside its whole life with occasional use. It consists of an LED, a resistor, three AA's in RatShack holders, and a push button. For the second time one of them has corroded and split open; IIRC it was in the same slot. Is the holder crappy? Am I buying punk batteries? Circuit issues (this was my first soldering project)? Basically, does my circuit need trouble-shooting or is it just dumb bad luck? Thanks!


Batteries (esp Zn) produce electricity by some form of "corrosion" - when they get old they will tend to fall apart. Use different batteries or replace more often.


Batteries will leak and corrode over time.  I've noticed that even name brand batteries will sometimes leak after a year even if they are still producing  power.  Monitor the time the battery is in the circuit and change them out more often.

Batteries may do this when they wear out. Using higher quality batteries reduces the risk. Ditto changing batteries before they run all the way down, and removing batteries when the device isn't in use.