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What makes your tv start having little white dots all over the picture on the screen, and how to fix? Answered

I have a samsung flatscreen tv and about a month ago i noticed a couple white dots showing up in the picture, and every day more shows up. Any idea what this could be? i was thinking something with the pixels, but not sure.  Any advice would be helpful.


I had the same problem, and there are ways to fix it. The pixels aren't "dead" in your set the problem is actually with the DMD board, more specifically the DLP chip. It's full of tiny mirrors that reflect light onto the screen and when one gets stuck you'll see the white spots, they'll begin to multiply after a while. The chip itself is pretty cheap, at 159 bucks being the cheapest (here http://www.shopjimmy.com/samsung-mitsubishi-toshiba-4719-001997-dlp-chip.htm?utm_source=csr&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=am ) and there are a ton of tutorials around that help with replacing the chip so you don't have to spend 200+ getting a tech to do some easy work. Hope this helps somebody, as this problem is coming back in the newer DLP sets!


8 years ago

If it's still under warranty, call samsung and get it repaired or replaced.  If it's not, then you can still have it repaired (maybe) but it'll cost you...

 that is NOT a good sign.  I had the same thing happen to one of my flat panel monitors and called up Samsung, since it was still under warranty.   Each pixel is lit up, all of them converge to form the picture you see.  When that pixel "dies" or goes out, you will see nothing but the white, thus the little white dots on the screen. So you are right, it is "something with the pixels" and I am sorry, but there is no way to fix it that I know of.  Samsung told me they would replace the monitor, that fixing the problem would be cost prohibitive, i.e. more than the monitor originally cost.  The entire board would have to be replaced.  Sorry for bearing bad news.... 

My sister had 2 flatscreens that did that and we had to change 9 capacitors on the power board inside! A repair man told her that those caps were almost to weak from the factory and we replaced them with some that was one size bigger! their are 7 of one size and 2 of another size in most of them  also check  youtube  theirs a video n stuff on there that will help you with flatscreen repairs!