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What material is best suited to produce good acoustics? Answered

I'm planning on building the Multi-Use Media Pod shown here on instructables, but I don't want to make it out of cardboard. I want to go a little high-end on this model, and in addition to making it bigger, I want to use a material that will produce the best sound and acoustics. What should I use?



Best Answer 8 years ago

IMHO - 3/8 or 1/2 Plywood would be great, as wood medium or high density Masonite.

All those angled flat surfaces aren't going to do much for the acoustics unless your are extremely lucky.

You could cover the surfaces with any sound absorbing material.  Like Cork, styrofoam, egg cartons, foam rubber or my favorite carpet.  If you could find a couple of carpet sample books you could cover it in psychedelic carpet for FREE.

The idea is to kill all of the reflected sound by absorbing it and let your speakers be the only sound you hear.By killing the reflections you may loose some of the "depth" but a good sound system will make up for that.  You will also have to run the amp up somewhat higher than normal because all that carpet will absorb lots of the sound.

I once worked in a small office that had carpet on the floor and the four walls.  I used to crank my 8 - track up nice and loud and it really sounded great in there.

Those are all good options (and I'll probably end up doing carpet), but I was wondering if there was any kind of a solid material for this, as i plan on mounting things on the inside.

THere is an acoustic tile that lays in office ceiling grids. It's usually 2' x 4'. Makes great bulletin boards. It's a firberous material that will absorb some of the reflections but not as well as carpet.

If you use carpet you can hang things on the carpet by using the hook part of velcro.

True that, but I only have slight objections to having carpeting on the ceilings in an aesthetic sense. I also need this to look good and be aesthetic, and unfortunately carpeting on the walls isn't exactly the height of interior decorating :P

For a media pod I wouldn't hesitate to use carpet on the walls and the ceiling. I think it would fit right in. Not lime green or burnt orange shag but one of the short pile office types would be fine. You could use cork wall board.

I dunno, just seems kind of... corporate. Although i guess that would depend on the color. Like black. Black would work.

Graham crackers. And frosting. Lots of frosting.

That wouldn't work, I'd keep peeling them off and snacking on my wall.