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What methods allow wood glue to seep into basswood better? Answered

Hi Everyone!
I am currently working on a Basswood bridge project and my initial testing came to conclude that failure of my bridge was due to break joints! i took a look at the joints and the glue and these locations had barely seeped into the wood enough that it eventually broke off from weakness! I am aiming for my bridge to break within the sections and NOT at the joints.

Are there metods like baking? soaking? the wood and glue so that the glue can seep in better?
Specifics too please! I have seen people soak it, or "damp" i should say. But I have no clue how much to damp it or any of that! Acetone came up too.... not to sure though, how does this even work?!



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Burf (author)2010-12-31

Sand the wood bare removing any finish or coating and rough up the surface. If PVA glue, apply glue to both pieces, use only enough clamping pressure to hold the pieces in position, make sure the glue isn't too old, PVA glue starts to deteriorate after about 1 year.

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lemonie (author)2010-12-31

What glue are you using, and do you have enough wood-wood contact (pictures?)


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frollard (author)2010-12-30


acetone would open the pores/fibres of the wood so that the glue would penetrate more (like a sponge) -- similar effect with wetting it.

Clamping in a vacuum helps, as the vac pressure applied crushes it and if you let the pressure off while the glue is still wet, the negative pressure in the wood grain will cause it to 'suck in' more glue, then apply vac again and allow to harden.

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