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What might this be? With Pictures Answered

I just bought something called an Impedance Analyzer at a surplus sale. It came with a set of retro headphones and some sort of bizzare probe. Any comments on what this might be, and what it could be used for are most welcome. I will post pictures if anyone is interested.


. The pics are too blurry for me to be able to make much out. I found a Macromatic Controls, but no reference to an Impedance Analyzer.
. Not sure about the probe. (It looks like an ionizing gas analyzer probe to me.)


10 years ago

Looks like medical eq... could be respiratory impedance.

I'll post some pictures of this monster later today. The probe isn't something you'd stick into electronics, I can tell you that much. Thanks, ya'll.

maybe it measures immpedence or the presents of impedence?

I have never gotten presents from impedance, but I bet it measures the presence of impedance in, say speakers. :-)

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. It's used to ... measure impedance. :) Roughly, impedance is the resistance of a circuit to AC. . If it works, you can test transformers, inductors, &c.; If you're not an AC hobbyist (since you had to ask, I'll assume you're not), it probably won't be of much use to you. . Any idea as to how old it is? If it's retro enough (I doubt if modern ones use headphones, but they may), it may be a collectors' item. . Post make/model and we may be able to track down the manuals for it. . If it's an old one, I'd like to see some pics. If it's a newer one, I should be able to find some pics when you post make/model.