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What oscilloscope would you recommend for me? Answered

I have been interested in purchasing an oscilloscope for a while now, but I am not sure on how to decide based on my needs.
Lately I have been interested in building radio circuits, but it is proving difficult because it is hard to troubleshoot when you can't see what ishhappening in the circuit beyond theory.

I also feel that an oscilloscope would be a good tool to have in my electronics toolbox.
Can anyone recommend a good oscilloscope that would suite my needs for under 1k $



If you are serious, then a scope is a vital tool. Working on electronics without a scope is like working blind.

What sort of RF are you playing with ? Yes, a scope can help, but is not a universal panacea at high frequency, unless you pay BIG bucks for a scope. The performance is determined by the headline "frequency" of the scope - ideally, your scope should SAMPLE at more than twice the frequency of the highest frequency you are interested in. For 99.99% of my work, I can get away with only a 25Mhz scope, if I worked in RF, I'd need at least a 200Mhz scope, or faster to work on 100Mhz signals.

The other parameter of interest is the input signal VOLTAGE range - restricting yourself to, say +/- 20V reduces costs, and if you have to probe high voltages you can get special probes.

I use the Picotech Picoscope 2205 MSO - 2 channels+ 16 digital channels + an "AWG". It is a very versatile scope, with digital inputs too, and the AWG "Arbitrary Waveform Generator" allows you to design test signals to kick your circuits with - They're around 500 USD. / 350 GBP

If you want to spend your proposed budget, take a look at what you can buy


....notice the 20Gig scope is around 15,000 USD !!!!!!

That new? The 16 digital channels feature looks nice!

Had it around 18 months. The 16 dig also lets you decode serial data streams on I2C, SPI, CAN and standard serial connections. I used it to nail down the interface on the MAX1402 parts.

The software less clunky than the one you had before? The 2204's pretty attractive at £160.

Thanks for the help guys. I think this one looks good to me.
The PicoScope 3200 looks like a good pick for me. A little more expensive than I was hoping but, it looks like it will suite my needs. Gonna just have to save up a little longer.