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What, other than salad, can I make with lettuce? Answered

Two different people have given me big bags of luscious, beautiful, fresh-from-the-home-garden mixed lettuce. The problem is, I don't like salads all that much. I mean, salads are okay, there's nothing wrong with salads; but I'm very quickly getting very tired of salad after salad after salad.

How else can I use all this gorgeous lettuce?


If you don't like salads, then find something that suits your skills. If you like to cook, chop it up for a garnish or invent a coleslaw recipe which uses lettuce. If you like to garden, you could probably make some decent compost out of it, though this isn't really the best use for lettuce. You could try to barter with it, though I personally don't know any handymen who work for lettuce. If you have any experience with chemistry you could try to process the lettuce for its Lactucarium and use it as a pain reliever.

Lettuce coleslaw - now, that would work really well for me. Thanks. :)

Goes great in a taco, as a garnish under delicioius meat, good for throwing at people (be a crazy lettuce person)...

Make inappropriate clothing out of it and post pictures on myspace...

"Make inappropriate clothing out of it and post pictures on myspace..."
In your dreams, maybe ;)

Though I might try Raving's idea about lettuce wraps...

not for my pleasure...just because people who post scandalous pictures tend to put them on myspace :P

Right, no, of course not. :)

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Mmm...fresh baked cookies. it's been a while since anyone baked me cookies

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Poysonally, ima vote for the inappropriate clothing. nothing's sexier than a frog wrapped in lettuce.

(Insert your own witty rejoinder here.)
(Because I've been working at it all afternoon, and I got nuthin'. :)

But that does put me in mind of frog legs (my own are excellent, thanks for asking :), which puts me in mind of barbequed catfish....

Mmm... smoky spicy barbequed catfish, with some polenta/cornmeal mush, all wrapped in a big leaf of romaine... mmm.

(Now I just need to teach my cat how to fish. :)

Parade float.

Once again, I wish I could give two "Best Answers."

I went with the spirit, rather than the letter, of the thing and gave "Best" to the most helpful and useful answer. But, taking "best" in its most literal sense, this one should win for its sheer originality and amusement value. :)


8 years ago

Put it in with you're cheeses sandwich or any other sandwich.

MMMM LETTUCE WRAPS!!!! with ginger chicken please. google that shizz. they are stupendous

Put it on your sammich?

+1 My single favorite use of lettuce. Or just eat it plain (iceburg lettuce is particularily good for this)

Most people don't but firm lettuce can be cooked. I often grill endive (chicory) cut in half lengthwise as a starter with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. You can make lettuce soup - usually served cold as a summer soup Wilted lettuce is similar to spinach as a vegetable.

I've used it in soup ("salad soup" generally works pretty well), but haven't run across a soup specifically made from lettuce. Sounds good; I'll have to track that down.

Cheese Burger salad!